Thursday, February 25, 2016

Baku # 14 (illustrated by Carl Sciacchitano)

After discovering the plans of the Onmyoji, the Fox took a jade dragon and threw it into the ocean as an offering to the King Of Dreams. That evening as the Fox slept she visited The Dreaming and found herself standing before The Dream King.

The Fox asked Dream what were the creatures she noticed in the distance. Dream told her that they were Baku, the dream eaters.

The Fox had heard of the Baku. If a Dreamer wakes of a nightmare or a dream of ill-omen, the Dreamer may call upon the Baku to eat the dream and all that it foretells away.

She asks what would happen if she caught one of the Backu after it had consumed a dream.

The King Of Dreams responded with silence.

This is one of the Baku that grazes in the distant regions of The Dreaming.

The Baku appear in the P. Craig Russel version of Dream Hunters…in issue # 1, on page 33, in panel 5.

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