Thursday, November 5, 2015

Michel (illustrated by Mike DeCarlo)

In 1794, during the French Revolution, Michel is one of the men patrolling the streets and who encounters Lady Johanna Constantine and the head of Orpheus.

Michel and Guillaume are standing guard on a street corner in Paris when Johanna Constantine wanders by with a sack. The two men stop her, thinking that perhaps she has some food, but instead she pulls out Orpheus’ head and shows it to the two men.

Michel finds this to be ghastly and thinks that Johanna is a madwoman, but Guillaume sees the gold earring on Orpheus’ head and cuts it off.

They let her pass, continuing on her way to her lodgings and Michel and Guillaume continue on their patrol of the neighborhood.

Michel appears in Thermidor, on pages 3-5.

Mike did a great job with this character. He’s one of my favorites that he’s done so far. I really like the color accents on his face and the somewhat sinister expression on his face.

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