Saturday, November 14, 2015

Man # 21 (illustrated by Kai Martin)

Destiny is the focus of one of the stories in Endless Nights and we get a vague glimpse of the mysterious character.

Destiny’s book contains all of the history that has ever happened, that is happening and that will happen, for every person and creature with the entire universe.

This man is another person that is not necessarily a character, but more of a representation of a character in Destiny’s book.

He appears in Endless Nights, on the 5th page of the Destiny story.

Kai did a great job with this obscure background character. There is very little known about him aside from possibly guessing at his personality based on his stance. Kai brought a serious look to the character, but that could be simply due to the use of pencil instead of ink or watercolor. I really like his expression. To me, he seems slightly amused.

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