Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Emissary # 15 (illustrated by Lars Brown)

After Lucifer leaves the Key To Hell in the possession of Dream, a assembly of emissaries gathered at the Dreaming, each hoping to claim the key and take possession of Hell.

This is one of the many emissaries to enter The Dreaming.

He appears in Sandman # 24 on page 24 in panel 1.

This emissary is in the background and is not easily visible in the published comic. Lars was forced to interpret this character and did a fantastic job. This character seems to fit right in within the Sandman universe. When reading this issue, I always viewed this character as a furry monster, similar to the orange monster in the Bugs Bunny cartoons from when I was a kid, but Lars’ approach is more realistic. He easily seems like an emissary for some patheon that I am not familiar with. I really like his large mane of hair and thick red beard. This is a fantastic portrait of a pretty obscure background character.

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