Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ghost Boy # 48 (illustrated by Mike DeCarlo)

In Season Of Mists, Lucifer leaves Hell and sends all of the residents away, locking the doors behind him.

These dead souls, free from the confines of Hell, return to places familiar to them. Some of them returned to where they died, others went to visit their living relatives, and some simply wander.

This Ghost Boy returned to St. Hilarion’s School For Boys where he lived for a crucial and influential part of his life.

He is lying on the bed that once belonged to him in the dormitory.

The Ghost Boy appears in Sandman # 25, page 7, panel 6.

This is a wonderful portrait from Mike. I really like that he used blues to contrast the whiteness in order to capture the insubstantial quality of this ghost boy. I also really like that he gave his boy a hat that is not commonly worn by boys these days. It adds a historical perspective to this character.

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