Friday, September 19, 2014

Demon # 233 (illustrated by Lukas Ketner)

In Preludes And Nocturnes, Dream goes to Hell to retrieve his stolen helmet.

Standing before a gathering of all the demons in Hell, Dream searches for his helmet and finds it with Choronzon.

This demon is standing near Chronzon when Dream finds his stolen helmet.

This Demon appears in Sandman # 4, on page 14, in panel 6.

This is a completely fascinating portrait from Lukas and I absolutely love it. In the published comic, this demon looks like…a strange mushroom looking creature. Lukas took the idea of him looking like a plant or fungus and turned him into this. He’s certainly not horrifying, but he’s fun to look at in a horrifying way. The bulbous nature of this creature’s skin is disturbing and visually interesting. It adds a unique texture to this character and I can almost envision how this creature would feel if it were a living breathing demon and for some reason I imagine he would smell like overcooked broccoli. I can honestly say I’ve never been able to imagine how a character smells by a piece of art. This is a fantastic portrait from Lukas.

Here is Demon # 233…

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