Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun Land

Fun Land is the first of many serial killers Scott will be drawing!!!

Fun Land appears in The Doll's House in attendance at the Cereal Convention. He is a pretty disturbing character and has a fascination for young children and apparently targets them at amusement parks. He's definitely not one of the good guys. When he decides to attack Rose Walker, she manages to whisper the name Morpheus and Dream rescues her from an unfortunate fate.

I've read the Sandman series at least 20-25 times and since The Doll's House is one of my favorite storylines I may have read it more than some of the others. Strangely, it was in my latest reading, for this project, that I discovered that Fun Land's real name was revealed as Nathan Diskin.

Anyway, here's Funland.

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