Saturday, March 25, 2017

Island Spirit # 7 (illustrated by Carl Sciacchitano)

In the final issue of Sandman, we get a glimpse of William Shakespeare writing his final play for Morpheus.

As Shakespeare falls asleep at his desk he finds himself walking along a beach with the King of Dreams. There are island spirits flying around them as they talk. They discuss the play that he is writing for Morpheus.

Shakespeare asks him why he is writing this play for him:

Shakespeare: Why do you want the play? Why do you need me to write it? Why am I doing this?
Morpheus: Why? Because we made a bargain, Will Shakespeare. Two Plays.
 Shakespeare: Yes. The first play I wrote as a gift for….your friends…but this is…your play. For you.
Morpheus: Yes. 
Shakespeare: Why THIS play?

Before Morpheus can respond, Shakespeare is woken by his wife.

This is one of the Island Spirits that appear on the beach as Morpheus and Shakespeare talk.

He appears in Sandman # 75, on page 22, in panel 5.

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