Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Corpse From Rachel’s Dream # 4 (illustrated by Kai Martin)

In the Destruction story from Endless Nights, Rachel has dreams of the world ending. Sometimes it’s by fire, sometimes by ice and sometimes the deaths are caused by some disease.

In one of Rachel’s dreams, she sees the corpse of this man, along with many others, while walking through a shopping mall. It seems apparent that this man died from an unknown disease.

He can be seen in Endless Nights in the Destruction story, “On The Peninsula” on the first page in panel 4.

This is a fantastic portrait from Kai. I really like that he is face down and is not obviously recognizable. It is a unique approach to a portrait. I really like how Kai positioned the body and the line work on his hands and hair. The little details really make this portrait stand out.

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