Monday, February 27, 2017

Dreamer # 111 (illustrated by Max Rugers)

In Dream Hunters, the Monk enters The Dreaming in hopes of saving the life of the fox who visits his small monastery and who, in turn, had saved his life from the dark dreams implanted by the Onmyoji.

As he walked through the dream realm he encountered many strange things, but perhaps the strangest was when he finally encountered the Lord Of Dreams.

When the Monk finally stood before Dream he implored him to save the life of the fox. The Monk noticed, within the robes of the Dream King, faces of the sleepers and dreamers flitted through the fabric.

This Dreamer is one of the faces that the Monk saw within the folds of the cloth.

She appears in P. Craig Russell’s Dream Hunters # 3, on page 19, in panel 2.

This portrait from Max is brilliant and beautiful and is one of my favorites that he’s done so far. In the published comic this character is a blob and it’s unknown if it was intended to be a man or a woman, but Max brought this character to life. I love the profile perspective of this portrait. I love the greens that he used and I love the textured backgrounds that really intensify the dream like feeling of this portrait. This is a perfect portrait of an incredibly obscure character.

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