Friday, August 21, 2015

TV Camera Man (illustrated by Lars Brown)

In A Game Of You, Barbie’s apartment building in New York is destroyed by a hurricane. Wanda, George and a homeless woman named Maisie Hill were killed. Barbie was inside the apartment at the time the building collapsed.

Mary Gentian was on the scene with her film crew, filming a news report while two paramedics helped the survivors. Unfortunately she and her crew were getting in the way of the paramedics and hostile words were exchanged.

These two paramedics appear in Sandman # 37, on page 12, in panel 7.

This is a wonderful portrait from Lars. It’s a pretty straightforward interpretation of the character, but it feels vibrant and alive, which I really like. I also like that you can barely see Mary Gentian off to the left side of the portrait. That’s a really nice touch and I really appreciate the unique approach and fun little detail.

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