Monday, June 8, 2015

John Wayne (illustrated by Mike DeCarlo)

I would like to welcome Mike DeCarlo to the Sandman Portraits team.

I have commissioned Mike a few times over the years and thought that he would be a good fit to the portraits project.

Mike has done a handful of portraits. First up is John Wayne…

John Wayne was a popular American actor known best for his western and war films, such as True Grit, The Alamo and The Green Berets.

His role in Sandman is not as notable as his film career or appearance in other comic series, but it is still memorable.

Mort Notkin is dreaming he is at a party with several celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and John Wayne. In Mort’s dream he is wearing a clown suit.

John Wayne appears in the first issue of Sandman on page 31, in panel 4.

Mike did an awesome job with this portrait. I think he did a great job capturing the likeness of the character and his persona from films. The colors on this drawing are also vibrant and really pop in person.

Here is John Wayne…

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