Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Citizen Of Barbie’s World # 57 (illustrated by Kai Martin)

After Barbie smashes the Porpentine against the Heirogram on the Isle Of Thorns, Dream is summoned to uncreate her world and welcome the citizens of Barbie’s world back into the dark folds of his cloak.

This character is one of the many citizens of Barbie’s world.

He appears in Sandman # 36, page 34, panel 2.

A majority of the citizens of Barbie’s world do not have fleshed out stories and a lot of them are barely more than character shapes in the published comic. While they are not fleshed out they are still legitimate characters within the Sandman universe and I wish there was more detailed images of these characters because they could be interesting. Kai interpreted one of these characters and did a great job with the portrait. I love the strangeness of this creature. It reminds me a bit of an ape with wings. It’s awesome that Kai took a shape with absolutely no detail and saw this creature in the lines presented in this panel.

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