Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bird # 6 (illustrated by Kai Martin)

One evening Nada sees a mysterious stranger standing below her window and falls in love with him. She tried to discover his identity, but nobody in her kingdom knows who he is. When all other attempts to find him failed, she enlists in the help of The King Of Birds to discover who this man is.

This is one of the birds searching for the stranger.

This bird appears in Sandman # 9 on page 8 in panel 4.

I am not familiar with bird species, particularly African birds and so I am unsure what type of bird appears in the published comic, but I love Kai’s approach to this character. I really like the line work accenting the feathers and the variations of ink to show contrast. I also like that he added a “No” response from the bird, who also was unable to find the stranger

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