Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mr. Taxi Driver (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

Didi and Sexton take a taxi ride into the city and are fortunate enough to ride with this driver.

When they get into the taxi they don’t know where they are going and, as Didi points out, “certain destinations are inevitable.”

They eventually make their way to The Undercut, where they watch Foxglove perform her first concert.

Along the way Didi and Sexton talk to the taxi driver. He was from another country (possibly Romania, but definitely an eastern European country) and his brother urged him to come to America. Once he arrived he helped him get a job as a taxi driver.

When they arrive at The Undercut, the taxi driver tells Didi that the ride was a present, but makes Sexton give him a tip.

Mr. Taxi Driver appears in Death: The High Cost Of Living # 2, on pages 5 and 7.

This is a great portrait from Anna. I like the personality she put into this character. He seems like a genuinely likable person and that reflects his personality in the published comic. Anna seems to have an ability to really draw gentle caring eyes and I like that.

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