Wednesday, October 22, 2014

French Citizen # 10 (illustrated by Lukas Ketner)

In the Fables And Reflections story “Thermidor,” Johanna Constantine is put in jail because she is suspected by St. Just and Robespierre as having the head of Orpheus, which they hoped to destroy any link to mythology in an age of reason and the existence of Orpheus posed a threat to his idealogy of “pure reason.”

While in prison, she was able to look out over the courtyard where several French Citizens gathered to watch the corpse puppet show.

This is one of the French Citizens watching the puppet show.

She can be seen in Sandman # 29, on page 12, panel 3.

This is a fantastic portrait from Lukas. I really like this portrait because he gives us a very distinct interpretation of this character and her personality. I like the shape of her face and her long nose. The scowl on her face adds a bit of contempt to the corpses that are on the stage. At the same time she has very sad eyes. Overall I find this portrait very fascinating and I love it.

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