Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Girl Who Loves Plum Blossoms (illustrated by Max Rugers)

Happy New Year!!!

Once again, I need to apologize for not posting more frequently. While you may not have seen an updates, I have been working behind the scenes on the Portraits blog. I am working on making a definitive collection of reference images for all the artists working on this project and it takes time. Heck, The Song Of Orpheus alone took several weeks due to all those dead people in Hades!!! Anyway, enough about that....

With a new year comes new ambitions and there's some exciting things coming this year. We will be introducing some characters from Sandman Overture into the blog and bringing in some new artists. Also my plan is to post a new portrait every day. I know, I know, I have said this before, but once again it's my plan.

First up for the new year is the Girl Who Loves Plum Blossoms.

In the “15 Portraits of Despair” story from Endless Nights, we have a story about a girl who decides to write a list of things that make her happy. At the top of the paper she writes plum-blossoms.

That is all she can think of to add to the list.

The Girl Who Likes Plum Blossoms appears in “15 Portraits Of Despair” in the 3rd portrait.

I really like this portrait. It’s very beautiful and subtle, but also has a hint of sadness in it…which just confirms that sometimes sadness can be a little bit beautiful.

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