Friday, July 8, 2011

Demon # 140

Now this is one of those characters I am super excited about.

This demon appears in a crowd of demons that stand before Morpheus as he is about to depart Hell.

In the original page, Dream is standing in front of the demons and we see the panel from the point of view of the "camera" behind Dream so we see his back and everything standing in front of him.

This Demon....he is standing almost directly in front of Dream and so he is partially obscured. My description of the demon was that he looked like "a Jawa with a lot of eyes" and he certainly does...from my perspective. Scott, however, took a different perspective and instead of this demon wearing a cloth robe like a Jawa he saw the demon as having a weird "Y" shaped head with huge eyes and we were only seeing half of his head in the published comic. To me, this is cool because he took a character that I had one perception of and showed his perception, which was equally as accurate as my perception. This is one of the many fun aspects of this project!!!

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