Monday, April 3, 2017

Dead Woman # 41 (illustrated by Max Rugers)

In The Song Of Orpheus, told in The Sandman Special # 1, Orpheus entered the Underworld , hoping to rescue Eurydice, his recently deceased wife. When he approached the throne room of Hades and Persephone he encounters a large gathering of the dead.

In hopes of convincing Lord Hades and Queen Persephone to release his deceased wife, Orpheus sang a song about love and loss. This song caused the dead to weep.

This Dead Women is one of the many residents of the Underworld, who wept and were lifted from the ground in sadness.

She appears in The Song Of Orpheus, on page 35, in panel 2.

I love this portrait. Max’s approach to this character feels really sympathetic. I’m not sure if feeling is created because of the colors used in for the dead woman of if her positioning, her gaze turned upward that gives me a sense of hope and sorrow.

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