Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nancy Cromstock (illustrated by Max Rugers)

In 1939, Roderick Burgess invited a host of guests to one of his grand parties at Fawney Rig.

Nancy Cromstock was one of the people invited to the party.

When she received the invitation, she clutched the paper in her hand as she furiously masturbated with the other hand, the idea of snakes slithering through her mind.

At the party she has the opportunity to meet many of the other guests. She speaks to Randall Murphy, the renowned artist, about possibly painting a priestess of Isis with a very big boa constrictor. It is likely that her idea is sexual in nature given that Murphy says something rude to Nancy, causing her to complain about him to one of the other guests.

Later, she encounters Wesley Dodds and speaks to him about the serpent from the Bible being seen as the bringer of life and not a tempter, as it is usually depicted. When the party is over, Nancy Cromstock, and the other guests, retire to rooms within the estate.

Nancy dreams that her fingers have been transformed into tiny snakes and when she wakes up she realizes that she cannot feel her hands, but can hear her fingers sliding underneath the sheets, away from her.

Nothing else is known about Nancy Cromstock. I find her to be an interesting character and I would love to see her story revisited at some point.

She appears throughout Sandman Midnight Theatre.

I really like Max’s portrait for Nancy. I think that perhaps his interpretation of the character makes her more interesting to me than her depiction in the published comic. Max made Nancy pretty and somewhat elegant. I love how he positioned her body. There is something quite beautiful about how the lines flow to make up her body. I also really like her lips and and the line work that builds her face. The textured background is also a really nice touch and I think it really makes the portrait stand out.

Here is Nancy Cromstock…

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