Friday, February 6, 2015

The Black Guard # 10 (illustrated by John Carmine)

In A Game Of You, Barbie is pursued by the Cuckoo’s elite army, The Black Guard.

The Black Guard were sent out in search of Barbie and her friends and bring them to the palace of The Cuckoo. At one point the Black Guard came close to finding them, but Barbie, Primando, Luz and Wilkinson hid under a snow drift and were able to avoid detection.

Eventually the Black Guard captured Barbie who was then delivered to the Cuckoo.

The Black Guard appears in several parts of the A Game of You Storyline. This particular member of The Black Guard appears in Sandman # 35 on page 7 in panel 3.

John did a fantastic job with this portrait. He used watercolors on this portrait and it really adds a sinister vibrancy to the character. I also really like the blackness inside the helmet and the penetrating red eyes. I love this portrait!!!

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