Monday, May 27, 2013

Knight of Clouds (illustrated by Emonic)

This is a very interesting character who appears in one panel in The Kindly Ones.

While reflecting on Dream’s week, prior to the Kindly Ones entering The Dreaming, we learn that on Moonday Dream “arbitrated in a dispute between the Knight Of Clouds and The Body Politic. He awarded the Magic Lantern Show to the Knight Of Clouds, although he permitted The Body Politic to retain custody of the Six Screaming Stones and The Snows Of Yesterday.”

There is a story there that I would love to read….even if it was only a short 8 page story appearing in one of the Vertigo anthology books that they used to do.

The Knight Of Clouds appears in Sandman # 64, page 2, panel 1.

Emonic did a wonderful job with this character. I definitely like the perspective of the portrait.

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